Alberto Trevisan multi-skilled artist

| soundtrack composer (logic pro)
| sound engineer and sound designer
| multi-instrumentalist (drums, percussions, keyboards, guitar and bass)
| video editor, graphic and web designer (FCP, Premiere, Photoshop, Dreamweaver)
| green screen and camera operator
| 3D Animator and Visual Effects student (Maya, ZBrush, Nuke, After Effects ...)

Alberto studied drums since the age of 13, in the frame of composition, sequence programming, scoring and sound engineering.

Later on, his interests began to grow beyond the drums. Over the years, he became a self-taught musician with keyboards, electric guitar, bass and vocals for a variety of studio productions.

At the age of 15 he got involved as a live-studio drummer and italian rap lyricist, in Florence (Italy) and co-founded the band "Preparazione H".

Meanwhile, he acquired two degrees in:

modern music, at the 'Modern Academy' (Firenze) (based on the Musicians Institute, LA - Performance and Industry program).

Jazz music at the 'Accademia Musicale di Firenze'

At the same time, drum machines, sequencers and synths programming, became a real passion, resulting in spontaneous live experimentations recorded on tape in the frame of electro-noise-house sessions.

Busy and passionate, nevertheless soon, Alberto had to face the impossibility to find a fertile ground for some further artistic development in Florence. Time to look at international destinations.

He left the cozy but conservative italian city in 1999, searching for some new and real musical air to breath. One year in Paris, for acquiring his third degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music at the acclaimed INFIMM/CIM in the district of Mont Martre, was a worthy choice.

Alberto was the only student in the school to top in the rhythmic scoring class final exam (20/20), a very competitive context.

He learned sight-scoring while playing drums in a latin-swing big band (directed by cuban trumpetist Ernesto "Tito" Puentes), while experimenting live drum & bass as side project (which eventually became the main one), followed by album release "Modeste-Cyber Sapiens" - Atoll Music. [FOTO]

The french experience was full immersion into beats, vibes, sounds, advanced techniques and experimentations. "We had public delirium at the Sunset Club during our drum & bass 'Jungle 5' performance". Alberto scored all instruments.

Modeste on bass, Gianluigi on percussions, Jackson on alto sax, Livay on piano..."Great team-playing together for the benefit of music".

Returning from 3 seasons in Paris, Alberto spent the following 3 seasons back in Florence. During that time he was focused on building up his own studio project and realized the next logical destination, relocating to London. A most inspirational experience during the three years that followed (2001-early 2005) working in high end recording studios as a sound engineer and music producer. He started to learn "the secret tips, tricks and tweaks for the perfect mix"

The London underground jam sessions continued booming of drum n' bass luva as Modeste visited from Paris. The sessions continued with Tibo on bass, also from France: the resulting 20 minutes 170 bpms live performance was recorded and released many years later, in early 2014, as included in the 4th Airwolf One album, named "Groovetastic - crossover soundtracks for moving pictures and credit lines".

In 2003 Alberto participated with first round success at the "JumpOff - Producer Battle - Sound, London" [FOTO]. Composition of a song made of three sections in 5 minutes in front of a 90% black crowd from the hip-hop and r&b scene.

During that time, A.T. was mainly cooperating in London with Valerio Recenti for the project "Tequila Suicide". Up to 16 tracks were written and produced with additional live recordings in Italy, with original Neve sound! The resulting material never got released and was consequently re-adapted in other forms.

Alberto also had the chance to co-produce and sound engineer for a few months with some members of the bands Culture Club [FOTO] and Imagination, in London.

Unfortunately, these were also the early years of the global music business crisis (mainly caused by the digitalization, piracy and drop in physical sales), record labels and studios where struggling and closing down one after the other. However Alberto managed to ride a few good waves in the sea of a raising cost-cutting market.

He temporarily found work for a Japanese video game company as a game tester and bug reporter.

When he headed back to Cannes in 2005, France, for attending MIDEM music conference, he was offered a position as a resident sound engineer in one of the best acoustically treated studios of Berlin [FOTO], named at the time "Planet Roc".
A personal studio space was offered and the client list was high-class.

February 2005 - "Wir fahren nach Berlin"- Alberto moved to Berlin, where he spent the following 6/7 years.

Alberto embraced the new challenges of two Opera recording sessions in the outstanding Nalepa Strasse complex in Berlin. He recorded harps, piano and vocals using great sets of microphones and pre-amps.

While engineering and producing for a few artists in Berlin, Alberto got offered the chance to engineer for the Black Eyed Peas (Will I Am). The recording session endured from 10pm till 5am.

In 2005 A.T. was offered to work as a sound engineer for a few opera recording sessions at the Traumton studio, in Spandau (Germany).

Alberto kept working in the German capital as a producer/sound engineer/song composer/sound designer for clients such as: Universal Music Publishing, Allianz AG [VIDEO], MTV Germany, Nivea, Phoenix...

Another side project and 2006 was the time for shooting a music-video, called `Unland´. For the short lived project named `newmixage´.

At the end of 2006, Alberto won the `Johnny-Wildfire´ remix competition under the provisory name of `A-I-R-W-O-L-F´ (which later on became `Airwolf One´) hosted by Aftershock Promotions (UK).

In 2008 the Airwolf One's debut album `Brake or Accelerate´was released. It features the highly regarded "James Bond Theme - Airwolf One Remix", which is actually a cover as it was re-recorded (no sampling). This album features a glamorous set of intense cinematic soundtracks.

The following year his track `Touch the Core of the Beat´ was hosted by Aftershock Promotions for the Airwolf One remix competition, resulting in a 5 track EP `Touch the Core of the Beat - Remix Competition´(available on iTunes).

In 2009 A.T. officially started producing music-videos, thanks to a sponsorship received from ARRI Group and the great support of Rodeo Club and the recording studio Showcase Potsdam. In addition to composing the music, he gathered a team of 25 willing professionals and produced, coordinated, performed and co-edited `Choose to Love´music-video project . This combined challenge inevitably allowed him to grow as a music-video producer. [VIDEO-Final Version 3] [GALLERY]

In 2009 and 2010 respectively, the track `Choose to Love´ was nominated as Best International Act and Best Tour Dates video at the Exposure Music Awards (UK) and entered the UKs unsigned TOP40 chart. Pos.27 and Pos.12

In 2010 hi interest and inspiration for alternative music applied to the concept of fashion, took him to compose a second unconventional album named `Fashion Rocks!´.

At the end of 2010, A.T. set his personal green screen studio facility and produced, directed, filmed, performed and edited the `Electrifying Fight´ [VIDEO], featuring the fine imagery of Cheri Freund.

In 2013 the third Airwolf One album "Go Big or Go Bust" was released, which in its title track features the participation of Geoff Pinckney from the UK band "tenek". The album contains a number of cinematic soundtracks and the Thunderstruck-Airwolf One cover, which topped the charts of Kings of Spins.

In early 2014 the fourth Airwolf One album "Groovetastic - crossover soundtracks for moving pictures and credit lines" was released. Fully instrumental, superior sound quality and dynamics. Alberto finds his ultimate artistic and technical maturity in this album. A must have for soundtracks enthusiasts and music supervisors!

Further notes:

Between 2003 and 2013, Alberto attained Midem (Cannes), Popkom (Berlin), Mercedes Benz-Fashion Week (Berlin), Pitti Immagine (Florence) and Bread & Butter (Berlin).

Alberto Trevisan is a member of collecting society PRS / MCPS, PPL, GVL and Crew United.



2013  `Dark Waters´ [Nottingham, UK] (performing drums with Tenek)
2012  `Doris@Monochrome´ [Florence, IT]
2011  `Kino International´ [Berlin, DE] (as Kutron&Francuccis)
2011  `Studio 21´ [Innsbruck, AU] (as Kutron&Francuccis)
2009  `Adagio´ [Berlin, DE]
2009  `Exposure Music Awards´ [Cheltenham, UK]
2006  `103´ [Berlin, DE]
2004  `Sound´(The Jump Off) [London, UK]
2003  `Belushi's´ [London, UK]
2002  `La Fleche d'Or´ [Paris, FR]
2002  `Le Cryptique´ [Paris, FR]
2001  `Batofar´ [Paris, FR]
2001  `Universale´ [Firenze, IT]
2000  `Sunset´ [Paris, FR]
1999  `INFIMM/CIM´ weekly jam sessions [Paris, FR]
1997  `Indiano´ (Firenze, IT)
1996  `Central Park´ [Firenze, IT]
1994  `Flog´ [Firenze, IT]


Not affiliated with Airwolf, the helicopter.

=the ideal medium for sound execution but also a symbol for artistic freedom and boundless pure elegance.

wolf=the feeling comes before the reason, instinctive power proper of a creative animal.

One="all in one performer".